4 thoughts on “Hawaii – Incoming Ballistic Missiles!

  1. Hello Salty, all the so call mistakes with alarming messages must be annoying to a lot of people. But with all that is happening in our world today. Messages like that keep all alert. It never pays to be too complacent with the outer world. I try not to worry about all that is going on and the things that could send of a War of all Wars. I, am glad I have return to God and put my faith with him. I feel more comforted now than I ever was. I Pray that nothing will come in the future. That will harm and kill many. It has been said that we on earth have been following a plan of destruction for many years. The End of it all will come sooner than we think. Or should I say the beginning of it all. But I, am keeping my faith and putting all my trust in the Lord.

    Be Well Salty and Family, Heather


  2. I pray for you and your on going outreach in “Oceana.” So “Salty” I have not forgotten you and your family and your Redeeming Love Ministries. This is a very good web site with good Bible studies. You have always striven for excellence and improvement in your ministries. I hope all is well in Kailua Kona. I am planning to be on the Big Island in June house sitting for GL. I have been working on our ACC camp theme this year… The Reborn Identity. Looking to retire from public education in a year or so. With the Lord’s help plan to return to full time ministry in some way. God bless you as you serve him! Romans 15:5,6

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    1. Thanks Rocky… remember that night, so long ago, when we slept on the floor of the lodge up at Kalopa on the Hamakua Coast – (kids retreat)? Anyway, yeah, lets do coffee when you’re here in the islands this summer, k? K!


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