2 thoughts on “Evil is Present in Me

  1. Salty, l feel God loves me. But how do we stop the sins we do when we repetitively do the wrong things? I know, Salty, l have a lot to learn as l have returned back to Jesus in Gods name, since middle December. I love my Bible l have received. I am reading all times of the day and night. But I am struggling to control the sins l do. I think l must listen and read the scriptures through this video again. Can you advice me more please?
    Salty, there is one other thing l would like to ask of you. Is there a prayer you should do before reading your Bible?


    1. Hey there, Loner… there is no particular “set” prayer that anyone should say prior to Bible study; but I encourage you to simply talk to God in your own words and share your personal thoughts with Him from your heart. When I study the Bible, I ask God for wisdom and discernment. I ask Him to help me let go of all my personal biases so that I can truly understand what He wants to share with me through His word; instead of just trying to use the Bible to reinforce what I already believe. The Bible is there to guide us into the will of God, not the religious traditions and doctrines of some church!


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