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We are currently working in the largest geographical “mission field” on planet earth — an area of approximately 39,298,118 square miles.  By comparison, the area of the entire United States is only 3.7 million square miles, the area of China is also about 3.7 million square miles, and the area of Russia is about 6.6 million square miles; all together only about 14 million square miles.  The entire continent of Asia is 17,139, 445 or a little less than half of area of Oceania.

Within this geographical area, there are 24 different nations or territories that we have targeted for contact. The population of these island nations totals approximately 3,663,044 precious souls for whom Christ died — (note: this does NOT include Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, or the Philippines).


American Samoa 76.83 sq. mi. 68,688 Pago Pago/Fagatogo
Cook Islands 92.67 sq. mi. 20,811 Avarua
Rapa Nui (Easter Island) 63.32 sq. mi. 5,761 Hanga Roa
French Polynesia 1608.90 sq. mi. 257,847 Papeete
Hawai’i 6423.20 sq. mi. 1,360, 301 Honolulu
Niue 100.39 sq. mi. 2,134 Alofi
Pitcairn Islands 1.93 sq. mi. 47 Adamstown
Samoa (Independent) 1136.7 sq. mi. 179,000 Apia
Tokelau 3.86 sq. mi. 1,431 Nukunonu
Tonga 288.80 sq. mi. 106,137 Nuku’alofa
Tuvalu 10.04 sq. mi. 11,146 Funafuti
Wallis and Fortuna 95.37 sq. mi. 15,585 Mata-Utu
Total Population of Polynesia: 2,028,888
Federated State of Micronesia 271.04 sq. mi. 135,869 Palikir

212.00 sq. mi.



Kiribati 313.00 sq. mi. 96,335 South Tarawa
Marshall Islands 69.88 sq. mi. 73,630 Majuro
Nauru 8.00 sq. mi. 12,329 Yaren
Northern Mariana Islands 184.00 sq. mi. 77,311 Saipan
Palau 176.83 sq. mi. 19,409 Melekeok
Wake Island 0.77 sq. mi. 12 Wake Island
 Total Population of Micronesia: 575,691
Republic of the Fiji Islands 7,054 sq. mi.


New Caledonia 7,359 sq. mi. 240,390 Noumea
Solomon Islands 10,984.61 sq. mi. 494,786 Honiara
Vanuatu 4,710.45 sq. mi. 240,000  Port Vila
 Total Population of Melanesia:  1,831,522


As one might imagine, the logistics of effectively targeting such a geographically large mission field are beyond challenging — it is a work of heavenly proportions that can only be accomplished with divine help and guidance. But, while our primary focus is on reaching the Hawaiian Islands, we cannot neglect opportunities God is giving us to look beyond our shores and touch many hearts and lives in other island nations as well.  One of our greatest tools for outreach is “World Bible School” — the largest single cooperative mission effort on the planet among nondenominational churches of Christ.  Our base of operations here in Hawai’i serves as a WBS Connect Center for reaching potential Bible students here among our own island chain and throughout Oceania.  We have a number of WBS students, living in various island nations across the Pacific, who are studying God’s word with us via the internet.

Basically, our simple strategy for taking on this vast mission field consists of:

Evangelism Outreach:  WBS web ads, newspaper ads, radio spots, postal mail outs, brochures, campaign work—as coordinated by local evangelists, missionaries, and churches on the field—with the  intent of garnering new online Bible students.

Reaching and Teaching: Utilizing World Bible School for new and beginning students, along with our own Redeeming Love online Bible study program for continuing and advanced students.
Follow Up:  When our online students request baptism, or personal contact, we attempt to contact a nondenominational church of Christ, local evangelist, or missionary who may live nearby. When possible, and as funds are available, we try to travel in order to visit with our students personally and to conduct “spiritual growth workshops” to help them learn to “be the church” in their location and to continue the ministry of Christ by reaching out to their own family, friends, neighbors, and others who may be interested in studying God’s word.

Oceania Outreach Map


We seek to cultivate and sustain a long-term cooperative “Mission Support Network” of caring individuals and mission-minded congregations who will help enable our Pacific Island mission outreach activities. 

If the Lord has placed it upon your heart, or that of your group or local church fellowship, to become our financial supporters and help us take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Hawai’i and the nations of the Pacific, you may send your regular (tax deductible) contributions to our sponsoring congregation:

Southgate Church of Christ

528 Country Club Road
San Angelo, TX 76904
(325) 651-8122

(Please note/earmark your checks for: Stroud-Hawaii Mission Fund)

If you would like to make smaller, occasional contributions, or if you prefer sending your contributions directly to the field, your gift can also be sent to us at:


Please note that, at current rates, each gift of $10 will purchase online Google web ads spanning the entire Pacific for one day!  So, “Mahalo Nui Loa” (thank you very much) for any and all contributions; and for helping us accomplish the most important mission on planet earth — sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the world! 


Pacific Missions Network Coordinator:

Philip R. Stroud  ~  See My Curriculum Vitae

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